Sunday, August 24, 2008

Steve or Joe?

Okay, this one has been in my head for awhile. If you have kids (or maybe even if you don't) you know about Blue's Clues. The first host was Steve and then he left and "his brother Joe" took over for him. So, it is natural to compare...and it leads me to this question. Steve or Joe? I pick Joe*. And it might freak you out a little to know about a fantasy I have. I go to New York to Joe's apartment (don't really know if that exists!) and he answers the door "Oh, it's you!" (can you hear it?) I don't really let the fanatsy go any further...he's a kids' show host for goodness sake! I know, I am one demented mommy, but hey, if you have to watch the show your mind might wander you know?! Did you notice the asterisk by my choice Joe? That is to let you know that I am choosing regular Joe, not fat Elvis Joe. (As Joe grew up, so did everything about him I guess.) Okay, even if you don't have a fantasy about either one, you probably have a favorite. Who's it gonna be?


Regina said...

I'll never be able to watch Blue's Clues again without thinking about your freaky crush! Yet, another thing about Amy that I didn't know, or needed to know! ;-)

Sophie-and-Bryce said...

amy, i swear to everything holy i could've written this journal entry... and i think i did at some point. if i find it, it would be hysterical to forward it on to you (i, too, have been "personally" blogging for many, many years.)

i agree that joe would be it... but young joe (good save on that one!) steve is a little too "pee-wee herman" for me, but has the better, more fun disposition as the "real guy" and not "steve." (yes, i actually looked the guy up and saw that he did much more than play on blues clues)