Friday, January 15, 2010

Wine Club

I got invited to join a wine club. I had no idea when I said yes that it would be full of skinny bitches! Well, none of them were bitchy...just barely 100 pounds! They just kept coming through the door, one skinnier than the last! I was like "Please send in a fatty!" No such luck. They are all nice gals. Some are married, some single. Some have kids, some don't. It was nice to socialize and drink different types of wines. I actually had a Chardonnay that I wasn't dry! :) I also liked LWC Loring Pinot Noir. The Layer Cake Red Zin wasn't bad. Here is a list of all the wines we tried:
Candoni Pinot Grigo
The Little Penguin Chardonnay
Provenance Savignon Blanc
LWC Loring Pinot Noir
Moobuzz Pinot Noir
Liberty School Cab
Layer Cake Red Zin
Matchbook Syrah

Here is the GNOW wine club. (GNOW stands for Girls Need Only Wine)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Over the holidays my friend Regina had a brunch for the ladies in our playgroup. It was so much fun to get together in the middle of the day without kids and just catch up and eat and drink 'till we had to unbutton our pants. Although I am grateful for my wonderful friends here, I still miss all of you who are far away from me. I know I haven't kept in touch hardly at all. I am bad at calling and emailing. Just know I love you and miss you even though you don't hear from me. I am Cole's playmate all day and then when it's night I just want to veg out. Even when he is playing by himself he is constantly asking me questions, showing me stuff, and saying "mum". When Cole is at school I just want to stare at the walls in silence until I have to go get him. And when he is home and I get on the phone he is a terror! I was on the phone today (with my friend Jen who had news about another friend Angie...she just had a baby girl! Congrats and welcome to little Marin!) and he went in his playroom and DUMPED OUT all the bins of cars and legos and games...HUGE MESS!!!!! So, when people bug me about Facebook and texting...this is why I can't participate now. Maybe when Cole is in kindergarten I will come around. For now I remain in the fog. Dan even commented that I checked out for the past few months. We got a sitter and went out one day and went to a movie and dinner. Before dinner I went to Hobby Lobby and Dan went into another store. When he came in to get me I showed him some things that I thought would look good in the house. Over dinner he said it was good to see me looking for decorating I used to before the boy. I just have to make it 'till August! Then I will be sad he is gone all day, but it will hopefully give me my sanity back. My hair is so thin and gray now! And I'm fat. The boy. I am blaming it all on the boy! :)
Anyway, the reason I started typing tonight was to post this picture from the brunch. Oh, we had a dirty Santa gift exchange and I got the best gift of all...slippers!