Friday, November 26, 2010


Today I am reviewing Susan Sims Moody's 2nd book titled Mercy.

First off, you can definitely tell Moody has come a long way with her writing! It seemed more like a real book...and there were a few mysteries in this one that worked better than in her first book. I also liked how there were flashback stories throughout to give us more insight to the characters.

This book could stand alone if you don't want to read the first in the series, Flatlands. Although, if you do read Flatlands you will "get" a few of the things Moody mentions in this book. (But I like how she doesn't go on and on into full detail about the events in the first book.)

In this book Jennifer Martin and her boyfriend travel to his hometown for the death of his grandfather. While they are there, a few interesting things happen. (can't say what...but we learn family secrets!)

I liked this book. It was a good read, so I wanted to pick it up often. The stories within the story were interesting.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Tis The Season To Be Chappy

A friend of mine gave me the best chapstick I have ever used!!!! It goes on so smooth, keeps your lips hydrated and it tastes great!

Wild Huckleberry Lip Balm:

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Friday, November 19, 2010


My friend Michelle asked if I would like to review her friend's new book The Devil Don't Knock. After looking up Susan Sims Moody books on amazon I thought they sounded interesting and it would be cool to review a book that hasn't been in stores yet. I saw that her two published books were only $2.99 (kindle edition) so I downloaded them and decided that I would read the trilogy and then post a review.

In this post I will talk about Moody's first book, Flatlands. I will review her second book, Mercy on November 26th and the newest book The Devil Don't Knock on December 10th.

In Flatlands, we meet Jennifer Martin. She is coming back to her hometown with a broken down car, no money, no job and no place to live. Suddenly she has everything she needs (and more) to be a thriving resident of Bedford, MS. Not in a glamorous way, in an everyone feels sorry for you and helps you out kinda way. That is how we meet the locals. They are colorful and true to the south.

The story is part of the Jennifer Martin Mysteries Series, although there is not much of a mystery in this book. I was thinking it would be an on-going stumper and then an a-ha moment at the end to bring it all together. Nope. Not sure what the mystery was, and not sure Jennifer solved anything. On purpose.

That being said, I did like the story. It was an easy read and I got a clear picture of the town in my head. It was just a good, short story. I liked it! Something just kept me reading.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Race For The Cure

Last month I did the Race For The Cure with some friends. Jennie Vee, Amber and Tammy ran the three mile race and Tracy, Regina and I walked the one mile fun race. It was cold! (but fun and worth it!)

This picture is for the boy!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Last year around this time my dad wanted to get me a Kindle for Christmas. I told him no, I wasn't interested. I said I like the feel of holding a book in my hand, turning the pages, reading the back... I like sharing with my friends and selling the book at a local used book store when I am done and getting more. I was happy reading old school.

Dan got a Kindle recently.

One night we were laying in bed reading, Dan using the Kindle, me holding a 534 page book. My hands were getting tired of holding the big book. Dan just clicked for the next page. My reading light is dim and I have to keep adjusting it to light the page. Dan's Kindle light shines on the whole page with ease.

OK, I ordered a book on his Kindle...and I loved reading on the thing! I started with a short book...and finished in 2 days! Click, new page. Click, new page. Love it!

Never thought I would want a Kindle. I want one! Although, the thought of Dan and I reading in bed together with our Kindles makes me laugh. It's like a space-age scenario! Oh, technology!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


For those of you who want a hard copy of your blog, you can do so by clicking on this link. I will get credit for it :)ail&utm_content=15731&utm_campaign=Blog2Print%2BReferral%2BProgram%2BInvitation-Blog2Print

Wow it has been a long time!

Since my friends were bugging me for a good solid year to join facebook, I finally did. I have been emptying my head there. It feels good to get the little stuff out daily!

Well, this is longer than FB will allow, so I am blogging it!

Dan had to attend some advertising/marketing training the other week where they were discussing good commercials. It was presented that the "come on down and get a cheap car" commercials are not as effective b/c they don't get people emotionally involved. It's all about the cheap price, not the good feeling. Target was popular for the feel good commercials. People feel connected...they like seeing the trendy clothes, and know the prices are reasonable b/c it is Target. They don't need to see the price on the commercial.

All the people took turns telling what their favorite brand or store was. As Dan was telling the story I immediately thought of M&Ms as my favorite brand and let me tell you, I am definitely emotionally attached to them! They have been with me my whole life, through good times and bad, sickness and health...

M&Ms are my go-to comfort candy. I love to eat them when I travel, when I am stressed, when I am happy, when I want something sweet, AND when it is a new holiday!!!! Ms suck me right in every time...fall, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Summer... THEN they make fun new Ms all the time! Coconut, pretzel, PB&J, Strawberry, Mint. As I blogged before, I will try any M!

I remember my one gram always had M&Ms at her house in a cupboard in a little dish. I always bugged for some. When I got them I would sort them by color and eat them in a certain order. Dark brown, (remember those????) light brown, red, orange, green and then yellow. No blue back then. And yes, I had M&M OCD! One day while eating Ms at my grams I must have been sad and missing my mom b/c I remember thinking that heaven would be: me sitting on a cloud across from my mom and I would be eating M&Ms. That is still my idea of heaven! (except Cole would be attached to my hip bugging to eat my M&Ms too. Wait, I said heaven right? Oh well, that's how it would be!)

Another M story:
I was flying back to PA with my gram and sis when I was 13ish. (Oh wait, a story within a story! We were flying from WA were my aunt, uncle and cousin lived. My cousin only ate GREEN M&MS, so my sister and I wanted to annoy her so we snuck down, spilled out the bag, ate all the greens and then put the rest back. Boy, was she pissed the next day!) Anywho, in preparation for our long flight, we made sure we had a big bag of plain M&Ms. We couldn't wait to get into them, so I was trying to rip the bag open so we could get started. I had my hands on the top of the bag, pulled down, and the whole bag ripped open and Ms were flying everywhere!!! (It's raining Ms, hallelujah, it's raining Ms!)

When I was in college, my roommate Jen always had peanut M&Ms. We would play cards and munch on Ms all night long. One night we got crazy: we bought every kind of M that was out at the time. (I think the newest M was the peanut butter.) We mixed them all together and had ourselves a chocolate-fest. Good times!

I am sure if I sit here and try to think of more M stories, I could, but my fingers are tired and if I keep talking about Ms I am going to want to go to the pantry and get a chocolate treat!!!!

So, yeah, I would definitely say I am emotionally connected to the brand M&Ms! :)
(Christmas Ms should be coming out soon!)