Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rock Bottom

Well, I hit a new low. I was getting ready to go out to dinner recently and the jeans I wanted to wear were soooooooooo tight that there was NO WAY that I could drive, sit through a meal or breathe. I unzipped them and realized they stayed up just fine. I thought about doing the rubber band thingie to fasten my jeans but that still probably would have been too tight. (sad, I know) Then I had the great idea to just fold the top of the jeans in and into my underwear. I put on a long sweater and I don't think anyone could tell.

I refuse to buy bigger jeans b/c that just gives me the green light to eat more and get a bigger size next month. No, I will suffer with belly aches and the sight of muffin top like fat spilling over the top of my jeans for now. I have started exercising and toning. My arms, legs and butt are toning up but it's my BIG GUT that is the problem. I have been on the treadmill for the past two days, but then today as I was walking down the steps I had terrible pain in my calf (is that spelled right..like the baby animal?) Damn old age again! So I took the day off of the treadmill, but I did some crunches tonight.

I just looked up calf...and yep, it's right. It just looks weird doesn't it?

Anywho, the point is I'm fat and I'm working on it. I need to for my happiness and health. I have high cholesterol. And I have jeans a size (or two) too small.

A friend of mine said "You're going to diet now? It's fall! What about all the fall treats?!?!!" Well, I AM going to partake in the fall yummies. And Halloween candy. And Christmas cookies. I just have to try to control myself. And keep up the exercising.

I'll keep you posted as to when I can wear the "Rock Bottom Jeans" like a normal person!


Regina said...

Muffin top!?!?? Ha! That's a new one for me. Don't be so hard on yourself. You lose weight like the wind changes. I've seen you do it before and you can do it again when you are really ready. I can't imagine my sweet tooth friend giving up treats!

Amber said...

Come to the gym with me on Friday morning before the movie day. We'll make it short but good workout.

Sophie-and-Bryce said...

are you a member at the Y?

if you could meet up with me some time, i'd love to have you join me for a class or two.

and, besides, i PROMISE i haven't noticed you looking any heavier. (if you have, you carry it darn well!!!)

seriously, the offer stands ~ i only have certain times (since i work nights) that i can go, but i'd LOVE to have a work-out partner!