Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last week was ER's series finale. Although I would bitch about watching it every week and wish it would end, when I found out this year was the last season I was sad and actually enjoyed the show more. And I wish it was still on! I was happy they brought back all the original characters throughout the season.

I liked the finale. It was like any other episode...kinda boring, not too much going on. BUT because it was like a regular episode, I can believe that everyone is just going about their business like any other day in the ER. (I DO KNOW that the people aren't real, they are just characters!)

A lot of shows flash forward to the future or tie things up neatly and you never have to wonder. Not like I will sit around and wonder what Archie Morris is up to, but you know.

I think part of me is sad too b/c I used to watch the show with my roommate Jen in college, then at night with Dan after college. It was part of my every Thursday. It came on at 10 in PA/OHIO so I would be getting ready for bed (brushing teeth, taking off makeup, getting clothes ready for the next day) during commercials.

Even though I moved around quite a bit, ER was always the constant.

WOW! I never intended to go on and on and analyze my relationship with ER!

I promise not to run around and yell STAT or ask if you've seen Carter.

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