Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lately I have been obsessed with drinkware. (is that a word?) Anyway, Dan has a Tervis Tumbler (I just like to say Tervis Tumbler!) that he got at Bed Bath and Beyond that he uses for coffee and beer. The cup is big and holds a lot. (almost 2 beers Dan says) I load it up with ice and a can of pop and still have room at the top. I have been searching for one with flowers. I found this one...
Then when I was at Books A Million I saw these:
they are water bottles for Monday-Friday. They come with a base that they sit in...if you need to take them with you to work or wherever. I like the idea of drinking out of pretty bottles. I fill them all up and use them throughout the day and keep one by my bed at night. I find that I am drinking more water because of these pretty bottles! (they are PBA free)
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
I saw these in the Lakeside Collection catalog. I thought they would be perfect for when my friends come over for a playdate. My classy friends prefer to drink out of a glass with ice...which I like now too. Before I would just swig from the can...I guess everyone has some billy in them!


jacey said...

I love love love Tervis Tumblers!!! I have several but love the "mom" one you have! I have one with a "J" on it but yours is much cooler!

Sophie-and-Bryce said...

i love those 'friends' glasses, amy!