Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas In July

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Deck Them Halls, QVC had their annual Christmas in July this weekend. I was so excited. My friend Jen and I watch and order and compare purchases. We both love to decorate for fall and Christmas. After watching the show and ordering some stuff, I decided that I am going to decorate the inside of my house November 1st! The outside after Thanksgiving. I decorated inside before Thanksgiving last year and really liked not having to rush after we got to enjoy the cheeriness longer.

I am obsessed with Bethlehem Lights. They make a ton of greenery that is pre-lit, battery operated, and with a timer! Woo Hoo! I bought some of their stuff last year and liked those features. I wasn't super crazy about the light bulbs, but hey, all the rest was great! The picture at the top is one of things I got yesterday. Even the candles are battery operated and come on with the rest of the lights!
I think my lifetime goal is to have Christmas decorations for every room in the house. Each year I get closer and closer!


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I need to take you to the Christmas open house that a lady in my church does every year, right after Thanksgiving. Her house is filled to the brim with Christmas decor--she has to start getting it out in October to get it all out! It's insanity--but so fun to see!!!