Friday, July 3, 2009

Spring Weather Makes Me Happy

**As you can tell by the title, I wrote this awhile ago! I never finished, but don't know what else I had planned, so I am just going to post this! Although, I think I am going to spotlight trips/events from my past in the head is REALLY full and I NEED to blog more!**

The weather has been so nice lately. I love being outside when it is warm with a little breeze...especially in the evening. The other night after dinner we went out and I was watering my flowers...oh yeah, I did some planting. I was inspired after putting pictures of my old flower gardens on the weekly question. I went through all my old scrapbooks and realized how much I missed doing all that. Plus, I went over to my neighbor's backyard and it was like a resort back there! I came home and told Dan how great it looked and I guess he saw a spark of the old excitable flower loving Amy (and not Cole sucks the life out of me Amy) and decided to give me a great gift. He told me I could have a planting budget and go to town! And I did! I love my big backyard, but one thing that bugs me is that in the winter, the woods behind and beside our house all is bare. So, I planted some evergreen trees and bushes so I can see green come this fall/winter. I also planted some of my old glove, hibiscus, daisies, lilacs and got a solar powered birdbath. THEN I fixed up the back patio. I got some plants, a little fountain and rearranged the furniture and viola! a little bit of tranquility in my life. (yay!) I can sit on the patio and listen to birds and water trickling while reading. I still have more I want to plant...I need some more flowering bushes and colorful perennials. I really want a hollyhock, but it has proven to be the one purchase that sets a move in motion. I planted one at my first house...then we moved into our next house. then I finally started a little planting after Cole was born and then we moved here. So I have mixed feelings about the hollyhock. But if I see one, I gotta get it! (especially if it is yellow!)

We planted some different grass in the way back...the kind that grows in the shade. (fescu) Dan has had to cut it three times already. It is really green and is like Ohio grass. I just love the smell of freshly cut grass!

Ok, so where I was originally going with this was I got a good feeling the other night being outside. Like I said, it was after dinner (we cooked out on the grill so the lingering grill smell was in the air) and there was a light breeze and it was warm and it just made me think of the time I was at the Cape. We went with another couple and stayed a long weekend. We toured the Cape and saw the lighthouses, beaches, and went to Nantucket for a day. I loved Nantucket. Walking down the cobblestone streets, flags in everybody's yards, flower gardens in bloom, the smell of fresh sea air, the birds and breeze...That is what I felt the other night. An all-American night.

I definitely want to go back to the Cape someday.


Regina said...

It's about time you get your butt, errr, I mean head, back on here. I know that noggin must need to be emptied!

Angie said...

Ahh, the Cape. I think of it every time I see a hydrangea bush. I planted one in my backyard this year, so we'll see what happens! Miss you!