Thursday, March 4, 2010

My New Thing

My new thing (besides blogging a lot more!) is boiling chicken. I hate having chicken in the fridge now I just take the frozen chicken right out of the freezer and put it into a big pot and boil it for an hour. When I take it out the chicken is soooo tender I can shred it with two forks.

Tonight I made a yummy chicken cheese steak salad. I boiled the chicken, shredded it and then put it into a pan with olive oil, light Italian dressing, onion powder and garlic powder. After letting it fry up a little I put slices of provolone cheese on top and let it melt. I put the chicken on a bed of shredded lettuce and added sunflower seeds. It was really Lenny's Subs good! (That's my favorite place to get that salad.)

I know this is weird, but on that kind of salad I don't like dressing. It is just so good on it's own.

I am down 10 pounds! :)

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Amber said...

It does sound good. Congratulations on your 10 lbs.