Monday, March 1, 2010

I've Got Regina Beat!

My friend Regina (who is doing the South Beach Diet too) posted on her blog that her child tortured her b/c he came home from school with candy and spread it all over the counter and offered her some. Well Sister, just listen to MY morning!

Cole had a field trip. To Domino's. Pizza.

All the kids in his class made their own personal sized pizza, ate pizza, the placed smelled like pizza. Then the manager comes out and says the adults are welcome to make their own pizza. Non-South Beach Diet-Amy would have bolted to the dough! Instead, South Beach Diet-Amy wiped the drool off her face and patted her growling tummy reassuring it that soon it could have pizza again.

I am still stuck at 8 pounds. BUT, I got into some old jeans today without a struggle!

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Regina said...

Holy pizza diet girl! You do have me beat! That would be a rough morning. But, way to stay strong. Eight lbs is darn good girlfriend. Keep it up!