Monday, November 8, 2010


Last year around this time my dad wanted to get me a Kindle for Christmas. I told him no, I wasn't interested. I said I like the feel of holding a book in my hand, turning the pages, reading the back... I like sharing with my friends and selling the book at a local used book store when I am done and getting more. I was happy reading old school.

Dan got a Kindle recently.

One night we were laying in bed reading, Dan using the Kindle, me holding a 534 page book. My hands were getting tired of holding the big book. Dan just clicked for the next page. My reading light is dim and I have to keep adjusting it to light the page. Dan's Kindle light shines on the whole page with ease.

OK, I ordered a book on his Kindle...and I loved reading on the thing! I started with a short book...and finished in 2 days! Click, new page. Click, new page. Love it!

Never thought I would want a Kindle. I want one! Although, the thought of Dan and I reading in bed together with our Kindles makes me laugh. It's like a space-age scenario! Oh, technology!

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