Friday, November 19, 2010


My friend Michelle asked if I would like to review her friend's new book The Devil Don't Knock. After looking up Susan Sims Moody books on amazon I thought they sounded interesting and it would be cool to review a book that hasn't been in stores yet. I saw that her two published books were only $2.99 (kindle edition) so I downloaded them and decided that I would read the trilogy and then post a review.

In this post I will talk about Moody's first book, Flatlands. I will review her second book, Mercy on November 26th and the newest book The Devil Don't Knock on December 10th.

In Flatlands, we meet Jennifer Martin. She is coming back to her hometown with a broken down car, no money, no job and no place to live. Suddenly she has everything she needs (and more) to be a thriving resident of Bedford, MS. Not in a glamorous way, in an everyone feels sorry for you and helps you out kinda way. That is how we meet the locals. They are colorful and true to the south.

The story is part of the Jennifer Martin Mysteries Series, although there is not much of a mystery in this book. I was thinking it would be an on-going stumper and then an a-ha moment at the end to bring it all together. Nope. Not sure what the mystery was, and not sure Jennifer solved anything. On purpose.

That being said, I did like the story. It was an easy read and I got a clear picture of the town in my head. It was just a good, short story. I liked it! Something just kept me reading.

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