Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Question

What is something you like to get to eat at the movie theatre? (Even if you never do)

Ok, first of all...I would eat ANYTHING from the concession stand! But my favorite thing to get is my own popcorn (I hate to share with Dan b/c we are both hogs and are always reaching in for more at the same time!) with butter in the middle and on top. Mmmmmm.


Amber said...

I like popcorn and a sprite or chocolate covered nuts. I broke my tooth on movie popcorn so I eat it very slowly. I usually don't get it because it's too expensive.

Sophie-and-Bryce said...

know why i don't care for movie popcorn? 'cause it grosses me out when you're guzzling down your frosty beverage and the oils solidify coating the roof of your mouth... i HATE that feeling!

i usually sneak something naughty into the movies... it's usually something fruity like sweet-tarts, though. if i get chocolate, i'll eat it all before the movie starts. if i get fruity candy, i'll usually eat a lot, get sick of it, and then go back to it again and again until the movie's over.

Lori said...

I'm with you on the popcorn, Amy! The more butter, the better!! And I can't share with Donnie, either. He got so mad at me the last time we went to a movie (which seems like forever ago) and we kept going for more at the same time!

I also love Sno-Caps. Gotta have chocolate and for some reason I have always loved them. And I love chocolate covered nuts!!

Regina said...

You mean they sale something besides popcorn at the movie theater?!?!? Movie = popcorn to me. If I'm going to a movie, I'm having popcorn, no matter what!!!! You're like Scott. He loves butter in the middle AND on top. Me, on the other hand wants a drizzle of butter and tons of salt. Sharing popcorn with Scott is always a comprise!