Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Well, in the past two weeks I have gained 2 pounds back.

With Cole's surgery and recovery I was nursemaid 24/7 and didn't have much time to myself.

Then came Valentine's Day.

I guess I am surprised that I only gained 2 pounds back total.

I have been exercising these past few days...and Tuesday nights are big exercise nights b/c of the Biggest Loser.

I was over a friend's house and used her Wii Fit...and the next day I was feeling sore in places I didn't think I could get sore. Dan finally caved and said I could get Wii and Wii Fit. (free shipping and no tax at!!! Love!)
**Funny story about playing Wii Fit...when I made my Wii Me I accidentally added a body part, but it turned out to be perfect! It was a double chin! We all laughed so hard!!!! AND after weighing in, my Wii Me went "boing" and plumped up. More laughs. Glad we can all laugh at my overweight (for now) self.

Even though I have slipped up these past weeks, I still don't feel like giving up.

And even though I have slipped up these past weeks, my clothes still fit better, even after they are washed.

I have been really good about lifting arm weights. I think I might actually get into a tank top this summer! And the Logan pool!

Wii Fit says to be in the healthy BMI range I should lose 20 pounds. Ok. I'm in.

Even though i have never been a big exercise person, I feel good when I am doing it and kinda want to do it. (which surprises me every time!) I just keep picturing myself in my capris this spring. And I just got a new bathing suit that I want to wear to the beach/pool/sprinkler park.

Well, have I rambled on enough? I haven't blogged since Cole's surgery so I guess I needed to get some stuff out! (I had all the recent entries on both blogs to post on the days...I typed out everything weeks ago.)

Angie, Jacey and Jen: how is the weight loss going?

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Amber said...

You sound optimistic. I can really see some internal changes happening with you. I'm glad your getting healthy so you will be around long enough for us to have a condo in Florida with the other blue hairs. He he