Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm freaking out!

My knees creak!!!!!!!!!!

It's really giving me the heebie jeebies. I walk up the stairs...creak. I do a lunge...creak. (yes, I am trying to exercise, but that's a whole other entry) I basically walk around...creak.

I feel like 36 is the year for me. The year I start to see the aging process begin. I have noticed more wrinkles (and not just my driving eye wrinkles*) more gray hair, and creaks!!!! I can't get over it. I can handle the graying and wrinkling b/c that seems normal and "everybody's doing it", but I did not expect to creak in my 30's. I feel young, look young, but apparently sound old. Can I do anything about this creaking? Do I need to drink joint juice?

Here comes the whining...I don't wanna be I have one more thing to freak out about.

*driving eye wrinkles...the wrinkles that are more prominent on the left eye b/c of sitting in the driver's seat too many sunny days.

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Sophie-and-Bryce said...

haha! i rarely actually *laugh out loud* while reading something (even with my stupid little "LOLs" while journaling).

when i got to "joint juice," it hit me just right to actually let out a giggle out loud.

i HEAR you, sister! i don't creak, i POP.

oy vey.

meant to tell you -- i seriously need to write up an entry titled "ode to mrs. amy"

my daughter drew a picture today of you and bryce together, and as soon as bryce woke up from his nap, he was running around the house saying your name and cole's name.

geez, you'd think that you were mr & mrs claus when we see ya! hahaha!

i need to send you the scan of the picture sophie drew of the two of you together. :)