Thursday, September 11, 2008

Privacy...what's that?

Okay, so I am laying in bed watching TV on Monday night when Dan comes in wanting to know if I was watching Blue's Clues. So, this man who 1) is supposed to be at racquetball on Mondays and hasn't gone in three weeks and 2) can't take the time to read the blog about his son, somehow figures out how to get into my personal blog...and read it! Great. Now another blog that has to be censored. I guess that just means that I will save the really good stuff for phone calls and GNO. HA Dan, now you'll never know it all! Anyway, I thought it only appropriate that I make this list.
Top 5 Hottest TV/movie Stars
2. Brad Pitt
3. Rob Lowe
4. Michael Vartan (he was on Alias and dated Jennifer Garner for awhile)
5. Lee Pace (he is on Pushing Daisies)

Notice no JOE! Also, this list is subject to change at any time, but I think the #1 spot is pretty secure.

I've noticed that I picked a lot of guys with dark hair. I've always liked blond guys, but I guess as I get older I'm digging the dark dudes more.

Have I gone on and on enough about other men? Is this enough to keep Dan away...or intrigue him more?


Lori said...

Amy--you are too funny!! I love how you made a list of hot guys b/c you know Dan will be reading!! And may I add, that's a pretty good list! I've always dated guys with dark hair, but married a blonde (before he lost it all)!
P.S. I forgot to respond to the Blue's Clue's blog, but I'm with you--definitely Joe (pre-Elvis Joe that is!)

Regina said...

Amy, you are going about this all wrong. If you don't want Dan reading your blog, just throw in some childbirth stories and some gorry details of being a female. Male readership...kaput!