Friday, September 26, 2008

It's not fair!

After my last entry I got to thinking...hmm, I am wrinkly, creaky and graying, so how is it fair that I am also breaking out like a teenager?! I went back on the pill and it usually clears me up. Not this time. It is bad, people! So bad that I ordered Proactive. I've used it twice and actually think I am clearing up a little! (If anyone is thinking about trying it, let me know so I can refer you and I can get free products by doing so.) Hopefully I will be red-spot free soon!


Regina said...

Maybe you are just getting younger in time instead of older! That wouldn't be so bad would it?

Angie said...

I am getting bangs cut so the wrinkles on my forehead are hidden. Oh, and I creak, crack and pop all day long! You are not alone my friend! However, I haven't had acne since I had Declan. Perhaps a second child will cure your spots?! :-)