Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Well, it is Wednesday...weigh in day.

After I "peed it out" as we say here and brushed my teeth (who knows how much unwanted plaque weighs!) I got on the scale and (drum roll please...) 161.8! YAY!

I did the South Beach Diet with one cheat a day...over the weekend before Dan started we had Arby's and pizza. Then the cheats became baked beans and salad dressing with some sugar in it and a salad with fruit. Not terrible cheats! I didn't have any treats...and Monday night was hard b/c Dan goes to racquetball and I usually sit in bed and watch tv all night and snack, snack snack! But not this week! I did it!

I didn't eat after 7:00 all week!

I exercised some, but I know I need to exercise more.

Some friends are doing this with me:
Angie's weigh in: 142
Jacey's weigh in: 156 (she weighed in on a previous blog entry...she's down a pound! yay!)

Anyone else who wants to join in is welcome to...and if you don't want to put in your weight, just put in how many pounds you lost that week.

I still feel really good. I am not starving or grumpy.


Angie said...

You go girl! I'm down 3 pounds already. We will be Skinny Bitches before spring break :-)

Regina said...

Way to go!!! That's some willpower there to not snack. Oh and Scott wants me to tell you he's down 5 AND a half pounds. I think he's competing with you! ;-)

Amber said...

Yay Amy! That's a great start. Keep up the good work.

How about going up and down the steps 20 times a day (additional that what you would normally do)? You could put a little chart at the bottom and give yourself a sticker every time you go up and down. Stairs = tight butt and calories burned. I know you have incentive charts around!