Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day One: the diet has just begun

I feel good! I didn't snack, I didn't eat after 7, I drank water before meals and I did crunches and arm exercises.

As predicted, Dan wanted wings and pizza today. His wing place was closed. We got pizza from Pizza Hut...but the whole grain crust. It was good! We've had Papa John's whole (grain, wheat?) crust before and it was gross! I couldn't even eat it. I just ate the pepperoni and cheese off of pieces! Anyway, I didn't eat as much as usual today.

My goal is to be healthy. I want to fit into my clothes comfortably. I want to feel good about myself. My chart goes to 140 pounds. That would be nice.

I am doing the South Beach diet. It always works for me. I just haven't always kept it going after I lost a bunch of weight after the first two weeks.


Regina said...

Good for you! New year, new you. Go Amy go!!!

Angie said...

Thanks for calling me out!! I'm in with you. Just give me until Monday. I start back to work and I will be away from all of the stuff in the house. We had fondue for New Years Eve and still have some leftovers. I'll weigh in on Monday after the cheese bloat has subsided ;-)