Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No More Weekly Weigh In

When I started the weekly weigh in it was b/c I needed to hold myself accountable for my eating and exercising. I now feel in a place where I am watching my eating b/c I want to, not b/c I have to weigh in. I also exercise everyday. (Thank you, Wii Fit!) Speaking of Wii Fit, it keeps track of the days I exercise, the exercises I do, how much I weigh and what my BMI is. So, I don't really need my homemade charts on the fridge or my scale on Wednesdays.

Maybe when I lose 5 pounds I'll write about it...or ten...I'll be sure to let you know when great things when my Wii Mii doesn't pork up so much and look so bewildered or when I put on a tank top or bathing suit and don't cry.

I do have some tips for my friends trying to lose weight with me...
*I find that if I put on exercise clothes (or even my sports bra with jammies) I WILL exercise...even if it is hours later.
*I chew gum when I get hungry in between meals.
*I drink a yummy Crystal Light when i get hungry in between meals.
*I drink a lot of water while exercising.
*I try to drink water before meals so I don't eat as much.

Here is a great disappearing double chin tip from my friend Jen...put self tanner on your double chin (and follow a straight line down your throat to your chest to blend) and voila! your face looks thinner!

Thanks for all the support in this continuing journey...and good luck to all those who are in this never ending battle of the bulge.

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Regina said...

So when is the Wii showdown?!?!?