Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Man, I'm pissed! I gave up going out for a birthday dinner last night b/c I was weighing in today and all I lost was .6! I went from 159.6 to 159. Boo!

I did eat poorly on Saturday. Lots of yummy carbs...the bad kind.

On the bright side, even though I have only lost a total of 7 pounds since January, my body is definitely different. I don't have the crazy spillage in the front of my jeans or the sides (although their is still spillage, just not crazy spillage.) and my back fat is a whole lot better! So yay!

OH, and I put on workout capris and jean capris yesterday b/c it was warm out and they fit! So that is good news too.


Amber said...

I thought you looked good yesterday, slimmer in the hips and thighs. Your body is toning and tighting up! You may even have gained some muscle so the scale didn't show much of a loss. You are doing an awesome job. A couple more months of this healthy lifestyle and it'll become a habit and not so much work.

Regina said...

Proud of you girl. When you get it in your head, you go for it! Does cutting out sweets mean you can't have a fruity drink to honor your birthday?