Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Question

What is your favorite flower?

I love Stargazer Lilies. They are so pretty and smell so good. Daisies always make me smile b/c they were my mom's favorite flower. But, there is a flower that I have always loved from childhood. Lilacs....the purple kind. They smell really great and let you know Spring has sprung! I get to enjoy lilies all the time b/c they come in bouquets where ever bouquets are sold...but lilacs are harder to come by. Are there lilac bushes in the south? At our last house we had a bunch planted but I never got to enjoy the blooms. :(

I love when the spring flowers come up...crocus, daffodils, tulips...

I love mums in the fall...the smell, the fall colors.

I used to be such a flower girl! My first house was a flower-wonderland! I dug up around the mailbox, ripped up all the stuff the previous owner had planted, added a flower bed on the side of the house and all around our fence. (and even put in a pebble path leading from one gate down to another at the other end of the yard. AND a little "half-ass patio" with a trees to block out our nosey neighbors, with daisies and a birdbath.) Since Cole got here I haven't really done much...and I miss it. I used to plant bulbs everywhere and wait and wait and wait for the first sign of green. I think I haven't done much here b/c I know this isn't our forever home. Every time I put some effort into landscaping, we move.

The pictures below are from my scrapbook pages.
Here is right when we got done with the backyard...I can't find a picture when everything was in full bloom. I had these crazy-big hollyhocks and wild flower bushes that grew to the top of the fence!!!!

The corner of the half-ass patio. ^ The path^

Along the fence in the spring...

The island I made in the front yard...springtime...


Lori said...

I also love lilies. I don't know much about gardening, but am trying to learn. I'd love do some kind of swap. We could get together at your house and let the boys play, and we could plant some flowers. Then you could come to my house and we could do the same. You know how it is the minute you try to get something started! Sound good to you??

Sophie-and-Bryce said...

stargazers are one of my favorites, too. they have sentimental value to me. :)

i LOOOOOOOOVE 'dirt therapy.'

i've been outside almost every day for more than a week now. we bought 2 fruit trees and a fruit shrub today, and i planted 6 pink hibiscus bulbs, 10 red tulips, and a HUGE bunch of wild buttercups around the kids playset today. :)

i'm all about the excitement of the bulbs. i LOVED your photos, amy!

if it makes you happy to dig, then get out there! it's a fabulous way to burn calories, and i know cole has to love being outside, too. you have a yard that i'd DIE to have, and if you don't get out there and dig in it, you may find a midnight digger in your backyard doing it for you (and if you do, and she has reddish hair, DON'T SHOOT!) hahaha!

you have a really great yard to do a simple garden, amy. cole would love it, too. a few 2x6's and some nails, and you have yourself a cute little framed garden! all that comes next is diggin' and haulin' dirt. you could do part of it as a butterfly/flower garden and part of it as a veggie garden. make it a learning thing.

but, yes, i LOVE to dig. and my favorite flower is probably either a yellow tulip or a stargazer lily.

Regina said...

Hey! We finally have something in common. My fav are lilies too! The childhood flower would have to be buttercups as we call them or as you call them, daffodils. They were all over my papaw's hillside. It's a definite sign to me that spring is a'coming! Bring it on Mother Nature!

jacey said...

Oh...this makes me soo sad!! Our gardening days at our best! I have the advantage...I got to see and smell all those beautiful flowers in person! OMG and those crazy hollyhocks!! They were huge! And the noseys! Our walks along the path in back...I miss you Ame!!